Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 in Unirii Square

Cluj-Napoca will run its own event Earth Hour beyond the Hour in Unirii Square, on Saturday 26th March 2011.

From 4 PM your are invited to attend workshops about different types of alternative energy (solar, wind, biofuel). From 8:30 PM, lights will be switched off and people will switch on to the meaning of Earth Hour. Actions will go beyond the hour, fire juggling, folk concerts and candle lighting will accompany You in Unirii Square.

This year, all thoughts are with the people of Japan during this challenging and sad time for their country.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Traditions - Martisor and Dochia's Days

Every March 1, the day of Martisor, it is the traditional celebration of the beginning of spring with tinny symbols accompanied by white and red twisted threads of wool, cotton or silk. The Martisor is offered early morning on the first day of March and worn for 9 or 12 days, sometimes until the trees bloom.

From March 1 till March 9 (in some regions of the country till March 12) we celebrate Dochia's Days (also known as "Old Lady Days"). During this period, everyone, specially girls and women, choose one of these days. The weather in that day "tells" how the year will be for that person or how is his/her soul.

You can still find and admire Martisoare in Unirii Square and in front of  Mathias Corvinus House.

Photos courtesy of Ana Pantea and Lucia Vacariu.
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