Thursday, June 10, 2010

A place you shouldn't miss in Cluj if you are hungry

What does rocketry and space flight has in common with shawarma? As far as I know nothing...but in Cluj you can eat one of the best shawarmas on Hermnan Oberth street:-)

If you want to see Clujeni eating something messy on the street, with far more flair that I can muster, head over to Hermann Oberth Street, in the city centre. Order at the window, and be sure to ask for extra sauce piquant if you know what's good for you. Then retreat with your sandwich to some doorway to chow down. If you want to sit down, you can go on Eroilor Street and sit on the bench but I recommend you to go a little bit far and sit on Kogalniceanu Street in  front of the Reformed Church.

Cost: small (read big) shawarma = 7 RON, big (read huge) shawarma = 9 RON

Still, you cannot come to Cluj and not eat a shawarma at Istanbul. It just isn't done!


  1. What's in it? It looks so gooood :P

  2. very convenient, come to cluj and visit istanbul.

  3. It contains shaved chicken;-), french fries, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, mayo(nnaise), sauce piquant, beet(root), pickled cucumbers, mushrooms, corn...

  4. Hehe, so Hermnan Oberth is the name of the street:) Great place, I've been there this Friday for my shawarma, although I try to stay away from fast-food :d


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