Friday, May 27, 2011

Cluj-Napoca City Festival

A one week festival (27th May - 3rd June) that offers a heady mix of music, dance, theatre, visual arts and culinary delights as well as other performance pieces, in various locations in the town centre, and not only, starts today.

Now the only thing left to do is to come to Cluj-Napoca and enjoy yourselves for an extended week-end/whole week and explore what our town has to offer.

Program of Cluj-Napoca City Festival here (unfortunately only in Romanian).

During this week some parts of the city centre will be closed to traffic.  

Photo courtesy of Tibi Antal.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One year of Traveller's guide to Cluj

One year has passed since we have decided to start our small project, "Traveller's guide to Cluj". We intended to give people who visit Cluj some useful information about our city, such as:
We had some nice experiences, met interesting people, found out a lot of things that we didn't know about Cluj, had fun writing and taking pictures.

Happy anniversary!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Connecting kids with nature at "Moara de vant"

If you want to connect your kids with nature or just want to see animals immersed in their natural habitat have a trip to the petting zoo near Cluj-Napoca. More than 200 animals live in a 10-acre wildlife preserve at "Moara de vant" where you can get close and personal with your furry of feathered friends and easily spend some hours.

Stroll along the pathways and enjoy watching animals at play: horses, deers, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, sheep, miniature horses, llamas, donkeys and other domestic animals. Some of the creatures don't mind your gentle touch. In fact, some are probably just as curious about you as you are about them:-)

There is also a petting barn where you can pet and feed curious and friendly animals (sheep, lambs, rabbits).

Yippee, ki-yi-yay, you've got pony rides for children every day!

In order to ensure animal's health, the food is supplied by the zoo.

Opening hours
April - September: 10-19
October - March: 10-17

4 RON for adults
3 RON for children
1 RON for a bucket of grains and carrots (to feed the animals)
5 RON for a pony ride for kids

How to get there
We had a walking trip from Manastur neighborhood towards Lake Micesti but you can drive towards Salicea and before Salicea you turn left to Lake Micesti (you'll see the sign). From there you have 2.5 km on a dusty road.
GPS coordinates and a map here.

The zoo has a 30 seats parking lot.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Events & Festivals in Cluj-Napoca

Speaking Architecture, May 4th - May 7th

By speaking architecure, the organizers propose "an exchange of ideas, new approaches aimed at leaving the boundaries of monotony. We count on the personal and authentic visions of each individual to incite to dialogue, in a single language: the architecture. We want to speak architecture. We want to conquer the city. We want visions, we want to experiment utopias in a dystopic reality, we want an exercise of communication and imagination. We want to inspire!".

Exhibitions, conferences, workshops and a street section are included in these days dedicated to architecture. Program available here.

Tres Courts (very short films) Festival, May 5th - May 7th 

The 2011 edition of festival in May 5, 6, and 7th with films of less than 3 minutes is organized by the French Cultural Centre. Movies were chosen for their originality, boldness, sense of humor, generosity and technical qualities.

May 5th, PaintBrush Factory
6:30PM  Around the Tres Courts Romania (national selection)
7:30PM  International Selection
10PM     Paroles de Fammes

May 6th, Cultural Town Centre (24, Unirii Square)
4PM   Tres Courts Familial (movies for children)
6PM   Paroles de Fammes
7:30PM   Around the Tres Courts Romania (national selection)

May 7th, Victoria Cinema
9PM International Selection

Free entrance for all events.

TransEuropa Festival, May 6th - May 15th

It is at once a cultural festival and a political event coordinated by European Alternatives. This year the main themes of the festival will be migration, Roma and traveller rights, media freedom and a more just economy after the crisis. Most of this year events are hosted by Tranzit House (16, Baritiu Street) and in Museum Square.

On May 10th, it is our pleasure to invite you at Sanziana's exhibition; our collaborator makes use of photography and graphics in her exploration of two cases of urban architecture: Cluj-Napoca and London.

Complete program of TransEuropa Fesival in Cluj-Napoca here.

Pictures courtesy of events and festivals organizers.
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