Sunday, June 6, 2010

Traveller to Cluj - by bike

Today I met Peter, twice. He's a Dutch man who proudly travelled on the back of his favorite bicycle, The Traveller, from Wien to Cluj. Already sunburned, he was enjoying the afternoon in the city centre, just arriving from Turda. Peter rode his bike about 1000 km in 14 days, from Wien through Balaton, Szeged, Arad and ended his trip in Cluj. What a bike tour! He owes this trip to a dear friend who was born here. We talked about travelling, life, Transylvania, Nederlands...He'll go back by train and will be back in Romania for a trip to the Black Sea. Vaarwel, Peter!

I suppose you also prefer to explore the city with the freedom of your own transport, don't you?! Bikes become more and more popular choices in town but there are few possibilities to rent your own bike in Cluj-Napoca.

Be careful not to get your wheels stuck in tramlines and always lock up your bike to something secure and immovable. Also, follow any instructions from the vendor to park and lock-up the bike in authorized locations only.

DownTown Rent a Bike,on 13 David Ferenc Street, is a bicycle rent business in the centre of Cluj-Napoca. The company rents 8 city bikes and 4 MB, by now.
1h = 7 RON
24h = 35 RON
helmet/24h = 10 RON

UmiBike Snow, on 12 I.C. Bratianu Street, also rents bikes, but they said that they intend to close their business in the near future, so give a phone call before, 0740-074851.

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