Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Floating islands in Cluj-Napoca

Something in Cluj-Napoca has turned horribly wrong. It's called "the weather", or to be more rained a lot these days. Which means it's gotten gray and wet. In fact, it was so gray that I refused to go outside till...I heard that there are some floating islands in the city centre.

I first saw them on Saturday afternoon. A refreshing breath and not because of the sensible air! Really, who could resist the image of the floating islands in a lake of vanilla milk and freshly scraped lemon peel? If you've never try, these one are really good and incredibly delicious so there's no reason not to try them.

I couldn't resist the chance of another floating island, so I went again, on Tuesday, in the city centre, for them. This time, I screwed up because it was after a very sweet chocolate cake. I think my brain was fried trying to plan something so the extra ice cooled me off!

In case you're, I'm not nuts. You have to try the Floating Islands from Bistro Corso, 15 Unirii Square.

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  1. having in my mind the sinkhole from Guatemala, i first imagined a real island in cluj and i started to search a pottential place for islands in "my head maps" - the owned and internalised version of google maps. And what a great result - islands floating on vanilla milk :).


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