Friday, June 4, 2010

Paradise Lost by Elian

I do not remember when I first met Elian but I do remember that I saw her many times in town. She was a presence!
I lost her track for some years then as if by magic I met her at a funky party and we started to talk about travelling.

Yesterday evening, while rushing to Cinema Victoria to see "La bel age" I bumped into her. She gave me an invitation to her new exhibition about "la bel age" of childhood.

Paradise Lost is the childhood defined as a spot in the paradise where we have been banned from.

On 10th of June, from 1pm to 6pm, you are invited to the building site of St. Joseph's Cathedral, Cipariu Square. The opening and the closing will be on the same day.
Professor Aurel Codoban will introduce Elian to the public.


  1. So, did you like the exhibition?

  2. We are still dreaming about the Paradise few more days will come back with a post about it.


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