Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December 1st, our National Day

On December 1st 1918 all Romanian territories were united in a single country called Romania. This day became the Romanian National Day, excepting the communist period when the National Day was on August 23rd (warmer and much more suited for mici and bear ... just kidding).

What will the people do here in Cluj on December 1st? Some will take a short vacation. I bet the malls will be very crowded, since many will go shopping for the forthcoming holidays. In the evening, many will go to watch the traditional fireworks in Avram Iancu square (I will watch it from my window, the view is better...and it's warm). Usually, there are some free concerts and a small military parade.

If you want to get around Cluj on this day, it may be difficult (even impossible in the evening) because parts of the city center are closed for traffic. Bars, coffee shops and restaurants are crowded, so be sure you've made a reservation if you decide to go out.

Have a good National Day, take a break and relaaax! Enjoy the fireworks!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bruno bistro and wine bar

This charming wine bar is in the proximity of Museum Square, on Daicoviciu Street.

Bruno is a place that is open for everyone. To people who like wine, who love it, who are intrigued by it, who have no clue about it...Open to all those who feel some sort of an attraction to wine.

It is a casual and relaxed atmosphere, with oldies but goldies music, that invites you to enter into the magical world of wine in a pleasant way. They have a large selection of wine, most commonly served by the glass at the counter. Each wine you taste takes you somewhere, to South Africa, Australia, Chile, Italy, France, Portugal, Argentina, Spain, United States of America, Uruguay and Romania.
If you are not sure which kind of wine you want to drink, ask, and let them advise you.

If you want something to eat with your wine they offer platters with charcuteries and cheese.

The atmosphere is warm, the chats go often between tables and by the end of the evening, you will not be surprized to know all the people sitting next to you and to share a bottle of wine with them!

We wish you a good wine tasting experience in Bruno! Glug, glug, glug...

Photos courtesy of Sanziana Craciun.

Friday, November 12, 2010

13-14 November in Cluj

This week-end, the legendary Matthias Corvinus House will be transformed into a multi-brand shop to promote the collections of select designers. It will be possible to buy items from designers like: Smaranda Almasan, Iuliana Asoltanei, Atelierele Harniciei, Bloomy Neighborhood, Cornelia Brustureanu, Raluca Buzura, Mihaela Chiorean, Istvan Cimpan, Mihaelea Cirlugea, Diana Flore, Andreea Emilia Florea, Frost, Maria Hera, Agnes Keszeg, Alexandru Lupu, Andra Lupu, Odette Lupu, Noshasha, Nuka, Izabella Petrut, Oana Pop, Scarfs Stuff, Gabriela Urda si Yonatan Yepuru.
Traiectoria is another great promo for young designers.

Also, SoNoRo will be in town for its 5th edition.

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