Saturday, November 12, 2011

November's Festivals in Cluj-Napoca

November brought in town two festivals that we love: Temps D'Images and SoNoRo.

During 11-20 November, Festival Temps D'Images connects us to the reality and reminds us of us and of the time we live. Events will be organized at Tranzit House, Paintbrush Factory, National Theatre and Hungarian Theatre.

On 19, 20 and 23 November, SoNoRo will bring one Lisztomania evening at the Ehnographic Museum to celebrate the anniversay of the great piano virtuoso and composer (the actress Maria Dinulescu will read fragments of Liszt's writings), one Matinee with Dvorak, Antheil, Rolla at Tailors Tower, one New World evening with compositions of Philipp Glass, Edward K. Ellington, George Gerswhin and Antonin Dvorak in Diesel Club and Finale at Babes-Bolyai University with Dvorak, Bartok and Dohnanyi.

We hope that you'll be there again and  that you will have as much pleasure listening/watching all the artists as they have performing for You!
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