Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting around by taxi

If you don't like Cluj public transport (which is very crowded sometimes) you can get around by taxi. There are may taxis and quite enough taxi companies in Cluj Napoca. Taxi stations are situated near major public transport stations and near all points of interest. All taxi companies have the same fees, 1.79 RON per km + 1.79 RON start fee. After 10 pm the fee is 1.99 RON per km.
Usually, a day ride (before 10 pm) from one of Cluj neighborhoods to city center costs around 10 RON. All prices are showed on the car door. So, please look at the prices when you get on the taxi, because there may be some taxis (we call them "sharks") which practice much higher fees. The "sharks" usually stand at the Railway Station or at the Airport.
You can always call for a taxi when you want to get somewhere in time. The main taxi companies are: Napoca (call 0264953), Diesel (call 0264946), Pritax (call 0264942), Nova (call 0264949).

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