Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Public transport

Traveling within Cluj-Napoca is straight-forward and convenient.
There is a transport network connecting city districts, and commuters can choose between trolleybus, bus and tram to reach their destination.

Cluj-Napoca operates a full trolleybus/bus network, which will take you almost anywhere you have to go.
Most trolleybus/bus journeys are paid using a paper ticket which can be used for two journeys. Tickets can be bought only from stations. There is no possibility to buy the ticket from the bus driver.

Trams are not so common in Cluj-Napoca. Their routes head out from the main train station to city centre and Manastur district. Also, the tram takes you to one of the industrial districts of the city. Like for trolleybus/bus, the paper ticket can be used to pay for your journey.

There is no metro running underneath the city, although the city had a major who tried to start a metro project.

Public transport information
RATUC is the public transport authority in Cluj-Napoca.
Up to date information on public transport can be found here: Transport in Cluj-Napoca.

Tickets for public transport are sold at every station in the city.
Some of the stations have Vending Machines.
Open: Monday to Friday 5:30am - 9pm and Saturday and Sunday, 6am - 9 pm. Some desks are closed during the weekend.

Ticket desk

Ticket price
A two journeys ticket costs 4.0 RON ( ~ 85 cents).
There is an all in one travel ticket, for all trolleybus/bus and tram lines inside the city, available only for the day you buy it, which costs 10 RON ( ~ 2.38 EUR).

Travel tips
There is no night bus transport in the city. The last ride is around 10:30PM.

Your bicycle is allowed only on board of bus 35 only in designated area. They are carried free of charge.

You cannot bring along your pets;-(

There are special buses to take you, free of charge, to Polus Mall and Cora shopping centre.

From May 1, 2010, you can travel from P-ta Mihai Viteazul to Faget Forest by bus 40.


  1. An updated and very nice route network map is available here:


  2. There's a night bus service on bus line 25(N):

    Manastur - inner city - Marasti - Gheorgheni - inner city - Manastur



    (with station names) or http://www.ratuc.ro/baza/pdf/orar_25N.pdf

    Sadly ony until 12:30 AM :(

  3. Thank you for the information!

  4. Hello, if there isn't a ticket desk on the station, can I buy a ticket from the bus driver or from a ticket-collector in the bus?

    1. No. You cannot purchase tickets from the bus driver or from the ticket-collector.

  5. Can you use a single ticket to transfer from one bus to another during one journey?
    And are they valid for more than one day?

  6. A single ticket is only for one bus/tram.


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