Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fabrica de Pensule (II) - Paintbrush Factory (II)

The idea of such a space existed in the consciousness of those who proved interested in and receptive to the project; following the model of numerous similar spaces in other countries, each member of the functioning factory was waiting for the context in which such an initiative might be born in Romania, too. Perhaps, the idea of replacing it within an industrial space, which could bring a contemporary art from the city centre to a kind of semi-periphery, has already been a shared fantasy and it could be turned into practice through the enthusiasm and motivation of Fabrica de Pensule members.

Fabrica de Pensule members feel at the same time a sort of fascination coming from the audience towards industrial spaces, semi-periphery transformed into a centre of contemporary culture and art. The audience is more than trained for such a project and it seems to deeply show empathy for the philosophy of space and not to be afraid of a longer or less common route leading to Fabrica de Pensule rather than that it used to take towards the centre galleries.

The location of Fabrica de pensule, the apparition of the new space of contemporary art in the old workers` living space, from the periphery of the city and the presence of the artistic community, as a novelty in this area are only a few social aspects which influence the common program of Fabrica de Pensule. As an innovation for the most part of the members, the artistic production and cultural events include in this context events focused on a new audience, which has not interacted up to now with contemporary art and culture. This new orientation, without changing the general platform of the Fabrica de Pensule members is still strictly a new challenge, which the cultural operators from the Fabrica de Pensule look upon with interest.

Fabrica de Pensule, like the majority of the factories whose production was no longer successful came to be downgraded. If the inner side is completely furnished and renovated by its members, the other outer side has not been renovated, although there is an initiative in this aspect coming from the owner, who decided to take up isolation as well as renovation works.

To be continued
By Andy

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