Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seth on Fire 2010

During this week-end you are invited to attend the 3rd Edition of Seth on Fire annual motorcycle bikers' meeting at Eldorado Camping in Gilau.

There are some private bus companies to take you to Gilau during weekend. The ticket price is no more than 5 RON. The station is in front of the Hungarian Theatre.

Bus schedule
From Cluj to Gilau
Satuday: 7 am; 12am; 2.30pm ; 4:15 pm ; 7:15pm
Sunday: 7am ; 12am ; 4:15pm ; 7:15pm

From Gilau to Cluj
Saturday: 5:50am ; 8:15am ; 1pm ; 3:20pm ; 5:15pm ; 8pm
Sunday: 5:50am ; 8:15am ; 1pm ; 5:15pm ; 8pm.

You can also hitchhike from the exit to Oradea. It will take a 20 minutes ride. have the chance to kiss a Harley this week-end!

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