Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eveybody has to be from somewhere

I was born, grew up and I'm living in Cluj-Napoca. I've spent most of my life in this city. After traveling abroad for some years ... coming back to Cluj-Napoca - I have begun to feel more clearly what I have always loved about this place.

People I meet often ask me: "What is Cluj-Napoca really like? Is it beautiful?" or "What can I see and do there?" or "If I go - where can stay?". After a while I realized that all my "inside knowledge" might be valuable information not only for my friends who like to travel, but also to other people ... like you.

So I decided to participate to this "project" - Traveller's guide to Cluj.

Cluj-Napoca for me means..

• grandparents taking care of me
• parents taking me to the puppets show
• blissful kids playing in the backyard
• laughs with my friends
• voices echoing in my mind like a forgotten dream
• movie nights
• a visit to the Art Museum
• a rock concert in the old Music Pub (now Irish Pub)
• a brownie at Quo Vadis
• a walk along the water (Somes River)
• a wonderful freshly baked pastry
• strolling in the Central Park or Botanical Garden
• a cafe latte stop on the way, of course
• a trip to the lovely Faget forest
• taking a day trip to one of the lakes in the area
• having a sandwich and a tasty beer ... overlooking the city skyline from Cetatuie ... you‘ll love it.

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