Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fabrica de Pensule (III) - Paintbrush Factory (III)

At the level of the cultural, artistic programming, Fabrica de Pensule is a multidisciplinary area, where events from all the fields of contemporary at and culture take place.

Generally speaking, the programme of Fabrica de Pensule includes: art exhibitions (painting, installations, etc ) – with the 5 galleries which have rooms in here; performances (for instance: within the Festival Temps d`Images), contemporary dance and drama performances (shows of the organizations of Fabrica de Pensule or invited ones), happenings, concerts, workshops (contemporary dance, contact improvisation, capoeira, percution, drama and muppets workshops with children, colour painting workshops with children), film projections, debates, forums, etc.

The space from Fabrica de Pensule are workshop rooms (artists who work in the field of visual arts, music, photography, setting, etc, galleries ( there are 5 galleries all in all, out of which are artist - run spaces and one of the galleries is focused on the launching of fashion design exhibitions – Zmart Gallery), Sala Studio ( spaces for workshops with audience, projections, debates, performances), Sala Mica (the drama room), showroom (belonging to Smaranda Almasan) and also offices for the organizations too.

Here are some of the galleries open inside Fabrica de Pensule and that we enjoy:
Galleries Sabot
Gallery Laika
Gallery Zmart

Nice studios:
ArtLink Association
Ground Floor

Some artists' workshops:
Cristina Gagiu & Attila Gräff
Ciprian Mureşan

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