Friday, May 21, 2010

TIFF is back in town

Do you remember when we used to run from one cinema to another, seeing 4 to 5 movies per day, eating while walking, drinking a lot of coffee and not having time to share the impressions after the movies because the time was running out?

Once a year, Cluj-Napoca celebrates the film industry, by organizing TIFF Film Festival. This year the festival takes place from May 28 to June 6. The festival started nine years ago and has become a well-known brand in Romania.

The festival it's amazing not only due to the outstanding films screened every year, but also for the effective layout, sparkling atmosphere and density of events, from seminars, workshops and panels to fabulous concerts and crazy all night long parties.

Unfortunately this year there are only 60 TIFF cards, no abonnements, so...we’ll have to buy our tickets in advance (one day before the screening) or on the day of screening.

We'll have again debates about what movies to see, we’ll run from one cinema to another and we shall party! Prepare your movie sport shoes:-D!

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