Friday, September 3, 2010

Amadeus Mozart Cafe

If you think, "How good a cake can be?", think again and go to Amadeus Mozart Cafe on Cardinal Iuliu Hossu Street (former Pavlov) at number 7.

Once you step in you'll think you're lost in time in a cafe from Mozart's Wien. The warm welcome of the classically-attired waitress will made you realize you're in the right place.

The charming atmosphere with classical music and sometimes piano concerts would alone merit a visit, but there's much more to the place besides the decor. The first-rate cakes with nuts, chocolate, mascarpone, orange, pineapple, poppy-seed and apple, peach, the gofre, the somloi goluska will always be winners here.

You can pick the cake from the fridge (ask for help, the staff will guide you if necessary) and be aware that you'll need to devote longer than you plan if you visit the place as the slices are huge.

Along with the cakes you can enjoy the various types of coffee which can be served also in decaf version or drink a delicious tea.

Also, you can find here high quality sweet treats, most of all the "Genuine Reber Mozart Kugeln" exquisitely filled with pistachio marzipan, almonds and hazelnut covered with milk chocolate and bitter sweet chocolate.

At Mozart Cafe I never know what I want when I walk in the door. Hm, that's a lie: I know that I do want at least one bite of Schwarzwalder Kirsch Torte and a cup of tea but there are so many other things to try, I know I should branch out a bit more.

Note: Amadeus Mozart Cafe is a no smoking cafe.

Amadeus Mozart Cafe

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  1. The only inconvenient is that there is no bathroom in the cafe!!!


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