Thursday, September 30, 2010

Samsara Chill OUT TeaHouse

If you are in town and want to escape to a world of tranquility stroll along Racovita Street, number 27 it's the home of an almost hidden tea house.

Samsara ChillOut TeaHouse is a spot to refresh the mind and renew the spirit, both indoor and outdoor.

A cup of tea is a real treat! It seems that the art of serving the tea properly has always been of utmost importance in this place. The tea is served with small treats. Sandwiches are also available.

You can also enjoy the ins and outs of proper good-tasting hookahs and wines.

The ambiance of this tea house is just as important as the quality of the tea. The rooms have been each created in a unique style.
One is classic with colorful high back chairs and a bright interior.
One is oriental with low level seating. Low level tables, pillows and lamps artfully displayed create a warm ambiance of romantic intrigue.

The last room is darker and atmospheric. Entering the room you got the feeling that there is a continuous flow like someone is keep creating worlds and inviting you to move into them. The psytrance vibes surrounds you.

There is a hammock in the garden, wooden tables, logs to sit on and three happy dogs.

We decided not to publish any pictures from Samsara. Just visit the place!

Monday-Friday: 1PM - 2AM
Saturday-Sunday: 3PM - 3AM

Note: It's forbidden to smoke inside, only hookahs allowed. You have to take off your shoes.


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