Thursday, September 9, 2010

St Michael Church

The economic development experienced by Cluj in the first half of the 14th century made possible the construction of the Roman-Catholic parish church in what is today the central square of the city (Unirii Square). Dedicated to the Holy Archangel Michael, the church is the first Transylvanian example of a complete three-nave Gothic hall-church.

The construction work, mentioned in a 1349 indulgence, proceeded in several stages and was completed in 1481 with the building of the western rostrum and of Schleynig chapel on the ground floor of the southwestern tower.

In 1528, on the north side of the chancel they built a sacristy fitted with a beautiful portal in the South-German Renaissance style, which bears the inscription with the name of the donor - parish priest Johannes Clyn (Klein). The Neo-Gothic tower, erected on the north side, was completed in 1863. The tower with its height of 76 meter (80 meter including the cross) is the highest one in Transylvania.

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