Monday, August 30, 2010

Museum Square

Another place in Cluj to concentrate much of this city's history is the Small Square, as it had been named for many centuries, Carolina Square or Museum Square at present. If you want to set foot in 700-years old streets and find there the traces of the whole history of the city, then you should linger as there are many interesting things to admire.

As a testimony of the Roman heritage on this land, which attests the glorious two millennium age of Cluj, stand the unearthing in front of the Franciscan Monastery next to the Franciscan Church.

The western side of the square is dominated by a construction raised by Daniel Petrechevich-Horvath, which has come to fulfill its original destiny of a cultural institution just recently, since 1937, when it was taken over by the History Museum of Transylvania.

The building opposite the Museum was inhabited by the historian Kovari Laszlo and the adjacent one, by the Romanian ophthalmologist Ioan Molnar-Piariu between 1791 and 1815.

The centre of the square is dominated by the Carolina Obelisk, the imposing 10 meters statue which was dedicated to the 1817 visit of emperor Francisc I and his wife. The bas-reliefs which were sculpted on the sides of the statue depict scenes from their historic visit to Cluj and also displays the former emblem of the city.

And if exploration of so many wonderful sights filled your soul, but exhausted the body, you may also stay for a drink at the nearby fancy terraces or bars: Euphoria, CE, Bruno Wine Bar, Galeriile Fortuna.

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