Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiramisu and Cremeschnitte in Cluj

If you want to enjoy a creamy Tiramisu and/or a vanilla Cremeschnitte in Cluj, you should go to Euphoria, in Museum Square. Ask a friend to join you, the "dose" is huge!

I have no idea what the Italian motto is, I think they are a bit less restrained when it comes to Tiramisu, which they invented. Since they invented it, I'm in no position to tell the Italians what to do. BUT...if they are looking for a motto, as far as I'm concerned, they might want to consider: Mascarpone, Espresso and Chocolate.

I have no idea, about the history of Cremeschnitte but it's a tasty crispy cake with vanilla cream. If there is somebody who knows anything about the history of it, please share it with us.

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite is the motto for today, July 14. At the dessert's table should be no exception!


  1. It looks great!!!! I can wait anymore to go there and eat both. I am thinking what I should eat first: Cremeschnitte or Tiramisu. It's not so easy!



    All that you want to know about the history of Cremeschnitte ... yummyyyy


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