Friday, July 23, 2010

Bike rentals

If you enjoy getting around by bike, you can rent one in the following places:

DownTown Rent a Bike,on 13 David Ferenc Street. The company rents 8 city bikes and 4 MB.
1h = 7 RON
24h = 35 RON
helmet/24h = 10 RON

UmiBike Snow, on 12 I.C. Bratianu Street, also rents bikes, but they said that they intend to close their business in the near future, so give a phone call before, 0740-074851.

Since July 1st until October you can rent a bike for free (with your identity card), for two hours, near the Sports Hall

Sala Sporturilor

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  1. i imported my mtb from germany, and for maintenance i keep going to bella bike. no affiliation, they are just nice people, do a good job, and very affordable. they also sell new and second hand bicycles. my recommendation.


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