Friday, July 9, 2010

Quo Vadis Cafe

On a cold cloudy day there's nothing better than some good and sweet stuff to cheer you up. So we've decided to go to Quo Vadis Cafe on 13 Mihai Eminescu street (near Central Park) for a chat and some cake.

This is a no smoking cafe. Smokers should take a place outside.

The interior is interesting, the decorations are nice and the music is good. This is a place where you can relax and have a chat with an old friend (from Tuesday to Sunday - Monday is closed).

We chose to stay near the big mysterious door. I wonder what's behind it...

Finally we ate some deserts. From left to right: Death by chocolate (the name is misleading, no deaths were recorded after eating that cake), Brownie (warm and sweet), Poppy seed cake, Banana milkshake. Delicious...

We stopped here... But the menu is quite generous: coffee (from 3.5 RON), milkshakes (7.5 RON), desserts (6.5 RON), brownie (5 RON), tea (4.9 RON), fresh fruit juice (8.5 RON), cocktails named after the characters in the "Quo Vadis" novel (8 RON).

Where are you going?

Quo Vadis Cafe

1 comment:

  1. In Quo Vadis, expect the classics done right.
    I also recommend the carrot cake and Nero's cocktail.


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