Thursday, May 27, 2010

Strange but nice afternoon in Cluj-Napoca

Three nice, strange and funny things happened to me on my way back home from work.

First, while strolling through Musem Square I saw a street theatre performance. I watched the young people enjoying playing and I saw the others enjoying their performance.

Second, I met a samurai. At least I supposed he was or still is a samurai as he had written on his t-shirt that he survived harakiri. Next time, try a sharp wakizashi, dude! I'm waiting for the real ceremony to take some pictures, unless he's going to perform the ritual on the battlefield., well, I saw a showfiti in the city centre. Hm, crack tennies in that place, definitely not! End of school year, maybe?! Or it's just about a young guy announcing to his peers that he has lost his...


  1. i do not know why but in every city i've been across europe i found some hanging shoes ...:)

  2. indeed, they can be found all across europe. and some say that's a sign that drug dealers can be found underneath... the blog entry author seems aware of this, though he doubts those are crack tennies. but you never know


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