Saturday, May 29, 2010

Of Ice Cream and...

Have you ever try molecular gastronomy? Playing with liquid nitrogen, some chemistry and physics in the kitchen, to prepare ice cream? Well, because we couldn't find any liquid nitrogen to prepare our own ice cream at work, on Friday, after having our lunch, we decided to visit "the place", The Ice Cream and Cakes Festival in Unirii Square.

Of course, some of us lost their control and started the journey with pistachio gelato in front of Matthias Corvinus House.

There are not so many companies at this first edition of the festival but we were happy to find there the local ice cream producer. Napolact, one of the biggest dairy suppliers from Romania, has a history which goes back one century. It all started in 1905, when in Cluj-Napoca it was certified a company producing and selling diary products, called "Vlad's workshop". At the beginning, it was all about butter and cow cheese but in 1936, the workshop started to produce yogurt and fermented cheese, too. In 1984 they changed the name into a socialist one which I cannot remember;-) and in 1990 it changed to Napolact. These days the company belongs to a Dutch concern.

We tried vanilla, banana and Macadamian nuts flavors. Some old, gold, globalized:-D (danish-swedish-italian) memories were coming back but we survived them!

When we were almost about to leave the square I saw the sign, actually, I saw some white and pink shapes. In front of Saint Michael Church, on a Friday afternoon, I saw the Marzipan:-D And that's how they lost me there!

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