Monday, June 7, 2010

Best ice cream in Cluj

I'm not mad about ice cream and I don't like the usual flavors (vanilla or fruity), in fact I hate artificial flavors. I usually eat chocolate ice cream because it tastes less artificial then others. 

My relationship with ice cream changed when, a year ago, I discovered Bistro Viena near Casa Matei

Because they didn't always had chocolate, I dared to try other flavors and I was amazed. Now, my favorites are pistachio and coconut. I also like chocolate and limoncello and I'm sure that the other flavors are just as good.  
Bistro Viena is the place where I've tasted the best ice cream in Cluj-Napoca.
Prices: 1 scoop = 2.5 RON, 2 scoops = 4.5 RON, and so on...


  1. I agree, Cocos rules BUT you MUST also try Biscotino, Nuga and Mamamia.


  2. Whoever wrote this is an ice cream connaisseur... :)

  3. Good ice cream is hard to find ;)


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