Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cabbage and Pod House in Cluj

Today, we had our lunch at "Cabbage and Pod House" on 37 Eroilor Street. They have only 7 tables inside but there is extra space outside, on the terrace.

When we stepped in I had the feeling of going back in time. The place looks like during my childhood and this was a good sign! They still have the "banner" on the mirror but the rabbit is not there anymore (les connaiseurs know what rabbit I'm talking about).


Of course we ordered the specialty of the house. No, no, it has nothing in common with Alfred Hichcock, it was just a very tasty portion of  "Cabbage a la Cluj" (Cabbage from Cluj).

As for dessert we had an enormous Vargabeles, a Hungarian "noodle pie" with sour cream, eggs, raisins and sugar. we run with the hare and hunt with the hounds!

Price list:
Cabbage a la Cluj (300 g) = 7.5 RON
Vargabeles (200 g) = 4 RON

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