Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Demmers teehouse in Rhedey palace

If you want to taste, drink or buy a good tea, while visiting Cluj-Napoca city center, you should stop at Deemers, in Rhedey palace, no. 9 Unirii Square. The atmosphere is nice and you can choose from a large variety of quality tea.

The shop assistants can help you choose your flavor.There are some free tea samples you can taste.

Cookies are waiting in the fridge. Taste them with a good tea!

Take a seat in the window, look at the people passing by and enjoy the view.

You can also pick a nice gift, maybe a teapot, chocolate, honey, biscuits or candies for your friends or yourself.

This is to remember old times, when Deemers was next to Victoria Cinema.

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