Friday, November 12, 2010

13-14 November in Cluj

This week-end, the legendary Matthias Corvinus House will be transformed into a multi-brand shop to promote the collections of select designers. It will be possible to buy items from designers like: Smaranda Almasan, Iuliana Asoltanei, Atelierele Harniciei, Bloomy Neighborhood, Cornelia Brustureanu, Raluca Buzura, Mihaela Chiorean, Istvan Cimpan, Mihaelea Cirlugea, Diana Flore, Andreea Emilia Florea, Frost, Maria Hera, Agnes Keszeg, Alexandru Lupu, Andra Lupu, Odette Lupu, Noshasha, Nuka, Izabella Petrut, Oana Pop, Scarfs Stuff, Gabriela Urda si Yonatan Yepuru.
Traiectoria is another great promo for young designers.

Also, SoNoRo will be in town for its 5th edition.


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