Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teahouse in Cluj-Napoca

Fall is here. It's that time of year I like a lot. It's so tea-ish!

I enjoy all aspects of the art of tea whether it's the tea flavor, tea sets, tea-serving techniques, teahouses, tea refreshments, or even tea feasts. Every aspect can serve as a paradigm for both life and art.

Sometimes I enjoy the elegance of its aroma, sometimes the clearness of its coloring or the purity of its taste. I like the tea sets used to serve tea because they are refined, elegant, and colored in mild and tender hues, they come in a countless variety of shapes and forms, are beautifully artistic and meticulously crafted.
I appreciate the soft, graceful and restrained gestures of tea-serving techniques, the warm temperament of people serving tea. Cannot forget the tea snacks, usually delicate, visually pleasant, sweet tasting, and with a flowery aroma.

Typically, tea connoisseurs are unassuming and modest, courteous and reverent, gentle and warm, and amiable and easy to approach. All of them are respectful.

Sipping a cup of tea in the late afternoon is leisure. With your friends or alone you can enjoy one of the teahouses in Cluj. They have designs that cater to many different tastes. Each of them are meticulously decorated in a clear and distinct style.
  • Amadeus Mozart Cafe
  • Carturesti in Iulius Mall
  • Demmers TeaHouse in Rhedey Palace
  • Flowers TeaHouse - in Unirii Square, joyous, exuberant
  • La Port - on Hermann Oberth Street, beautiful, fine-featured music and dance performances
  • Le Sultan - Museum Square, same place as CE?, fragrant and attractive
  • Qui One Quint - on Cismigiu Street, hidden retreat, re-mold the memories of Russian and Austrian traditions, it's more a salon teahouse
  • Quo Vadis - British-style teahouse, warm
  • Samsara Chill OUT TeaHouse - colorful and magnificent
  • The Tea Road - on Baba Novac Street, simple and clear

As a final note, my car number plate do not carry the name TEA and on my death bed my final words shall not be TEA!

Photos courtesy of Wagner - arte frumoase si povesti.

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