Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Earth Car Free Day in Cluj

If you have/rent a bike "be the change you wish to see" and join the Marching Bicycles, tomorrow, 22nd of September, from 5:30 PM. Starting point is in I.L. Caragiale Park.
The event is part of European Mobility Week and celebrates the Earth Car Free Day in our hometown.

Earth Car Free Day is an event organized in hundreds of cities and neighborhoods around the world, and there's not a government, international conference, or treaty negotiation in sight. Despite its somewhat drastic-sounding name, the goal of the day is not to take every car off of every street on our choking planet. The target is much more modest. It is, for those who wish to participate, a day of open reflection on the problem of cars and traffic in cities. It is also a day to encourage people and communities to learn about and even try alternative ways of getting around in their own cities.

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