Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter fun in Faget Forest

My friends got out of town for a little while for the Sunday ordinary walk on a beautiful, crisp January day, just after the first real snowfall of the season.

Walking into Faget Forest is already a tradition in our group. The essence of these walks is all about having fun exploring the forest and getting lost from time to time. Sometimes walking distances are not modest as we journey through the forest in the company of our local guides, C and Jo (C's dog), but...we survived till now!

Usually we combine the winter walk with an energizing snowball fight and sliding!

Leave behind the bustle of the city and step into the peace and tranquility of the forest. In the silence you can be one with the nature! Except when Jo is barking!!!

Should you have questions concerning winter walking in Faget Forest, do contact us, we happily send you in the forest with C and Jo.

Photos courtesy of Carmen Marcu.

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